selfish tendencies.

Hello guys! It’s me…

There is this little thing called life. The only thing truly promised to us all out of this thing called “life” is death.

With that in mind, why do we live life as if each day is promised? Why don’t we live like we are DYING? Because we are afraid. I know I have this terrible fear of death. One that overcomes me at times to the point where I can’t even fall asleep because I fear that I may not wake up in the morning. I have a fear that when I die, my girls will have no one and I will miss out on so many steps in their lives.

We have this innate fear that if we jump, we will fall into an abyss of the unknown without any hope of rescue. Society has primed us all to believe we are supposed to go to college, get a degree, get a job, get married, have the nuclear family including the 2.5 children with the dog and cat and life is to be perfect every day thereafter.

I hate to break it to you all, but it truly does not work that way. Life does NOT work out like an episode from Full House. We don’t argue then kiss and makeup by the end of a thirty minute time slot.

We get angry.

…and stay angry. Sometimes for YEARS.

It is okay to be selfish sometimes. We should all have selfish tendencies sometimes so we learn our own value. What do I mean by this you ask? I mean be selfish. Stop caring about what others think and what others SAY you should be doing. Live your own life. Be selfish. Jump out of a plane. Take that road trip with the last $100 you have to your name. You only get one life; live it. Be selfish.

Have selfish tendencies.

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