Dude, we’re married but don’t start catching feelings…

So there’s this guy, he’s this woman’s husband. They’re married….

He has a girlfriend, she has two boyfriends but the husband is now catching feelings. Poor wife is now about to be the other woman in her own marriage. Is it in fact possible to be the other woman in your own marriage?

Yes, most definitely.

I find this story to be quite hilarious in all regards because there are three men here one is married to this lovely lady and the other two are boyfriends.

Well, sort of.

To hear the story of all of the confusion is that of a great work of fiction. A typical daytime soap opera with all of the cheesy lines and jealous pickups and a triangle of love. You see, the wife doesn’t love her husband. She’s just married to him. However this is where the dilemma is coming into play; he is starting to fall for his wife and is refusing to sign the divorce papers.

She doesn’t want you. She’s only married to you!

So technically, if in fact he sleeps with his wife does that mean he cheated on his mistress?

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