The trials and tribulations. Of life.

I am back. If ever so briefly.

Boy has life changed since the last time I was on here! I now have a new addition to my family (my beautiful new 5 month old daughter Sofia) and I have finally finished my collegiate adventure. (Fifteen long years later…)

And I am now after almost ten years, about to move on to another place of employment. I cannot say I will miss my current job at all, but I will certainly miss about six of you who work with me.

I have not completely given up my dream on being a prolific writer for some nationally acclaimed magazine or news paper. I have just put it on pause for the moment until you, yes you….decide that I am exactly who you need to fulfill the job.

It appears to be I will not be moving to New York as I wanted for so many years…unless of course, something happens in the next few years that just takes me there…

Man, we have a lot to talk about…