heroin. your new girlfriend.

I now fully believe once an addict, always an addict. There’s no aiding the repair of a heroin addict. In any way. This is an addiction that will ruin one’s entire existence. Make them lose everyone who gives a flying fuck about them, make them lose everything they have.

For what?

A temporary high?

It always puzzles me why the hell ANYONE would even TRY heroin…it’s not like a drug that people have ever said, yeah let’s try this. We won’t get hooked….said no one ever. Marijuana is something different, not an addictive drug. But heroin? You are a complete moron to even entertain the idea you WON’T GET HOOKED.

Unfortunately I have lost a boyfriend to heroin. Heroin is his girlfriend. Heroin is the love of his life. It is no longer me. I don’t believe it was ever me for that matter.

I am sick of the arguing. I am sick of the distrust. I am sick of being stolen from. I am sick of being cheated on not only with a nasty whore, but with his drug of choice…..



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