Sex with a White man? Different? Noo…

There was an interesting topic of conversation among some of my friends on Facebook yesterday. 

What was it you ask? 

What is sex like with a White man as opposed to a Black man? 

Oh yeah? Now you all know as an angry mixed lady, I couldn’t leave this one alone. Please forgive me if this post offends anyone….just kidding! If you can’t take it then go put on your big kid panties and keep it moving! My own personal experience has been hearing Black women say things like, “I just can’t do it…they’re too small…” or things like, “I can’t see myself with a “pink” penis…” 

What in the entire hell are you TALKING about? How can you actually sit back and say with confidence that a White man’s penis is too small if in fact you’ve never allowed yourself to experience this for yourself? It literally makes me sick to hear such comments from women. Either way, my experience thus far is that of epic proportions. Currently I am seeing a man defined as being Caucasian. He is Italian, but by definition is White. Is he lacking in the personal area? Absolutely not! Matter of fact, I’d say he’s FAR better than any past escapade. His body is on point and he aims to please. Not just himself of course, but me. It’s never a rushed thing…never. Passionate and sensual and just generally amazing. 

Since meeting him and being with him intimately I will say I wholly prefer him over all else. Ladies before you jump on the “I don’t sleep with White men because their penis is small” train, do a little research and experiment a little. I am telling you….because I have known a couple of teeny peened Black men in my lifetime who would *never* have the opportunity to have any intimate parts of me again. 

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