{rumors: validation of some truth}

One of my unconventional thoughts at best right now; rumors are theoretically validations of some form of truth.


Because in essence, if there wasn’t some sort of truth at some point then there wouldn’t be much basis for a rumor. A stretched truth…I say take them all with a grain of salt. Who is to say what is truth and what is a rumor?

I could start a rumor right now about anyone; I could swear it off as a truth. Which in my mind, it is a truth. So because in my mind something is a truth and to others it’s a rumor does that make it nothing short of a truthful lie?

I say look at track records too. There are just some people who lie…lie for absolutely no reason. Or for plenty of reason. Their reason very well could be that they are in fact telling the truth, it’s just the person on the receiving end refuses to believe the truth or lie presented to them. I have had this happen far too much in my recent memory.

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