I’ve never met someone so blatantly mean to me. I’ve never met anyone who disrespect me on the level you do.

I did nothing but try to do right by you. Stand by you through hard times. 


But I continue to get fucked over. Every single time. Today was bad. I found out there was money taken…when approached you lied to my face. Over and over. 

You finally fessed up…


Then tonight you say to me you’d rather beat off than sleep with someone like me.

Those words went straight through my heart. Something I never thought I’d hear you say. If I make you so miserable and have only made you miserable then why did you come back?


Why did you lie and say you loved me? Why would you ever allude to wanting to be with me long term if you didn’t mean it. 


Never have I ever been so hurt by someone I love….

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