Today, I want to be a White Woman.

Days like today I wish I was a White girl. Being racially ambiguous is not getting it today…

I looked in the mirror and where I generally love my overall outer appearance, today I loathed my large bulbous ethnic nose. My misshapen lips needed a lot of external help. My poorly guided eyebrows were anything but good looking this morning. My natural hair, which on most days I love, was anything but beautiful.

All I wanted in the mirror this morning was to be either a raven haired, blue eyed white skinned beauty or a blonde blue eyed beauty with a tiny waist and long flowing hair.

Oh yes, and a lot of money.

The plight of a mixed girl can be rather confusing at times too. We don’t necessarily fit in any one place. With any one person or people. Today, I want to be a White girl…not just ANY White girl though, I want to be a White girl with money. Seems to me their life is so much easier. Everything comes easier for a White girl with money….

Tomorrow I might just want to be a straight up Black girl. A black girl who is clearly a Black girl with all the curves in the world that will make the curvy street of Lombard in San Francisco jealous. A Black girl with full, beautiful hips, lips and bust line. A body that will make any man or woman drop their jaws in awe the moment she walks by. A beautiful Black girl with her own natural ethnic hair and a confidence that would blow your mind away. Money wouldn’t matter, because these women are strong. They have the mindset that NOTHING will stop them from attaining their own personal goals.

But for me, the mixed chick who looks in the mirror and sees the worst of both worlds today, none of that plays a part in my life.

Maybe I’m just having a bad day…

Or need an attitude adjustment.

One thought on “Today, I want to be a White Woman.

  1. The famous Bill Crosby once said, “It isn’t a matter of black is beautiful, as much as it is that… white is not all that’s beautiful.” I hope that his words speak to your hurting heart of acceptance. My goal in this life is not to redefine beauty, but to change what it’s built on. My blog series, is in hopes that we can all see that our black, white, yellow, green, pink, orange, and every color in between has beauty of its own.

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