{The hoohaaa doctor was sexy. very sexy.}

Gynecological exams are not supposed to be comfortable or pleasurable in any regard.

Except when it comes to my experience. I absolutely detest going to the lady doctor not in anticipation of what they’ll find, but because I am laying there, on a chair thing completely naked with a stranger asking me to put my feet up in stirrups so they can take a peek at my vajayjay.

Today was quite different. I wore a pretty dress, just to make the process that much faster…less clothes to take off is what I say. I walk into the office, it’s pretty busy, but nothing out of the ordinary. The front desk ladies were very helpful and quick to work. Within a matter of minutes, I was being walked back to the waiting room…to sit and wait.

In anticipation of having a brand new lady doctor crawl between my legs and make their observations. I usually don’t get this nervous about these kinds of visits but this time my doctor was a man.

Not an old fat yucky man…but a TALL striking BEAUTIFUL young man. He had to be about 6’3″, muscular and tanned. His eyes were a beautiful cross between Elijah Woods and Bradley Cooper. He had an infectious smile that would probably melt anyone…

Yes, he’s married.

Yes his wife just had a baby…but what does he expect to happen when he’s a good looking man practicing medicine in a obstetrician’s office?!

Holy mother of Jesus this man was beautiful. I quite literally want to find any other reason in the world to go back and see Dr. McDreamy live and in person…..

I got a little afraid that as he was conducting his “breast exam” that I was slightly smiling…

I think I was actually. His touch was very gentle…and nice.


Power to the sexy hoohaa doctors….if any of you know a sexy vagina doctor, send him to this blog. Let them know they are appreciated… 🙂

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