{you wonder why state employees are considered lazy}


The state of North Carolina continues to be a joke in the scheme of things. We don’t believe in paying our teachers, we make exorbitant expenditures on things like bathrooms in the governor’s mansion, we hire inexperienced campaigners to work for the current administration and be paid almost six figures. We pay a contractor almost $40,000 for one month of work…

Yet we’re supposed to be taken seriously by anyone?

Highly unlikely. We are now ranked I believe 46th in the nation for teacher pay. Once the model state for how teachers are taken care of, we are the model butt of jokes now. With our 44% passing rate in the schools, absurd state employees salaries and extreme spending, I don’t know that we’ll ever reclaim our status as a progressive state. Generally speaking, state government employees have a vicious reputation of being lazy people who don’t do much work. That very well may be true for most and I have a great explanation for why.

When the average state employee makes about $33,000 a year and the cost of living continues to rise with no additional compensation, of course they’re going to get a bit lazy. Now you add in this factor: you’ve got an employee who has been at the same agency for five years with one raise making about $26,500. A new employee is hired for the same job, same amount of state government service, not the same experience because they are hailing from a completely different division yet they make almost $2,000 more than the person already in position. The employee already in position brings this to the supervisors attention and provides the paper work in the above link clearly stating a cost of living adjustment CAN be granted, yet the supervisor shuts them down. Tells the current employee there is no money and that they’ve NEVER heard of that ever being done; even though it’s printed in black and white.

Yet you expect the current employee to sit back and continue to hustle and reap no extra benefit? The current employee probably won’t cause too much ruckus about it out of fear of being fired, black balled or retaliated against by upper management. We all need our jobs in these uncertain times…so why risk even that little bit one is paid?

Something has to be done…soon. Management expects these low paid employees to do the work of three people yet gives zero motivation. The morale overall is crap within these offices and everyone has the same lethargic drag in their walk when they climb the stairs to their offices.

You take away our little things that made us so happy such as the casual Fridays. We can no longer have certain work schedules that would better accommodate single parents to be able to keep their heads slightly over poverty without having to pay extra for care of their children.

I can put money on it that probably 90% of the state employees in this state have a second job.

It shouldn’t be like that….

Why I am not pro #BlackGirlsRock or #WhiteGirlsRock

Okay…there’s a lot of talk around the net now about this whole #BlackGirlsRock ideal.

I am all for promoting positive views of Black women in media forms…from magazines, to television shows to movies.

However, there was backlash suggesting if there was a #WhiteGirlsRock campaign, they’d be labeled racist. Which is true to a degree. I do believe there is a slight double standard here…

Now before you jump my balls, please hear me out.

This is a problem resonating throughout our nation, the world today. Everything is Black or White. What about the middle people? What about the mixed girls? We are constantly ridiculed for not being “black” enough or “white” enough. When we step out with a White man, we are called sellouts. When we step out with a Black man, we are praised by Black people but nothing is ever really said by White people. Some White people don’t fully embrace us, the mixed chicks anyway so they really don’t have a lot to say. We get a lot of flack when we get starring roles in movies because it is said we received it only because we’re “mixed”, “light skinned” or have good hair.

Are you kidding me?

What about the Asian girls? The Latina girls? The Italian girls? The Native American girls?

Do we not rock?

Do we not count?

The campaign needs to be more like #WomenRock

On another note, I was looking at the blog directory on the NY Times webpage…At the bottom, in the opinion blog section, out of twelve contributors, EIGHT of them are WHITE MEN.

This needs to be changed….