Stop with the overt FEMINISM. No one likes it but Feminist.

First things first, single women are always the first to complain about doing for a man, not needing a man and so forth.

Ladies, we’ve got to get over this stage of complete independence if in fact we don’t want to be mateless forever. Even if your preference isn’t men, whoever you make the decision to love, learn to be a little more humble sometimes.

I see more and more ladies on my Facebook page talking about how they don’t need a man and how they are their mate’s girlfriend or wife, not his maid.

Doing for your man does NOT make you a maid. It makes you a good girlfriend or wife. We all know men need a little help from time to time in the home department, so why not go ahead and help him? There are men who CAN cook, but would rather have your home cooking.


Because it takes them back to home. It reminds them (if it’s good enough!) of Mom and what she did for him as a child. Now, if your man is unlucky enough to have a woman who doesn’t know how to cook, then I suggest you pick up a cook book and LEARN.

Being “submissive” to your man is NOT a bad thing. Don’t you know what you don’t or won’t do at home someone else will gladly pick up YOUR slack? Don’t be so prideful that you won’t take care of your man’s needs. ‘Cause when he steps out on you, you’ll be the first one crying asking what went wrong.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of our womanhood, but give it a rest sometime. You come off as arrogant and unapproachable by the general masses. Or either just plain MEAN.

You may think you don’t need a man, which to survive, you really don’t. But I am hard pressed to agree with any of you who think you’ll be completely happy living your life alone. Love your man, do for your man and stop talking that “Ms. Independent” bullshit that the likes of Beyonce have instilled in your minds.

Ding ding ding! Is she single?

Clearly not…and I bet you she’s probably on her knees when Jay needs it…

Oh Miley. We still love you…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of months, you’ve been able to experience the Miley Cyrus effect: professional twerker.

Yes, we are all aware that her ass looked a bit like a frozen chicken in her flesh-colored faux plastic granny panties on the MTV VMA’s…

We get that from the side, her ass will be exactly equal with the wall and her back…that the top of her gluteus minimus is in reality an extension of her back.

What people are failing to realize is the backlash you all are giving her, is exactly what was to be expected: publicity. Nowadays even the WORST publicity is good publicity in the media. We have ALL become media whores who rely solely on media sensationalism and social networking to survive our daily social life.

We’ve forgotten how to interact with real people in the physical form and more importantly, how not to take every damn thing so seriously. Miley Cyrus for one.

Whoever her publicists are, they are freakin’ geniuses. Just saying.

I am pretty sure many of you didn’t even know who this girl was prior to her latest tongue lashing, hip thrusting, crazy performance with Robin Thicke (who mind you, looked like he stepped right out of 1988 with his Beetlejuice inspired polyester outfit on). Now you know who she is…you know that she is very intelligently using her sexuality as a platform to further propel her success. Clearly it worked for Kim Kardashian…why not her too?