That’s so gay…

You don’t see this term as offensive? Because you’re straight? Hmmm. Okay.

To say “that’s so gay” reminds me of how some Black people feel a sense of entitlement to be able to call each other niggas. You let someone else say that, and it’s world war 99.


I’ve heard a couple of gay people use that slur against one another. Yet it’s okay.

I also can’t understand why it’s not okay for a man to compliment and or check out another man. Just because a straight man compliments another man (gay or straight) doesn’t mean he’s gay.

And if he is gay? So what? I think we all have a bit of homosexuality in us anyway.

Women regularly comment on the way other women look, their clothes their bodies and so forth. But they’re not ridiculed like men. If I see a beautiful woman, believe me, I will comment on it. I might even daydream a little about her for a little bit.

Nothing wrong with it.

So just like we gotta stop saying “My nigga this…and that…etc.” we gotta chill saying “That’s so gay…”

That goes for you gay folks too.

6 thoughts on “That’s so gay…

  1. No, the difference is that for us, it’s a reclaimed slur. LGBTQ+ can use stuff like that to joke around.
    I never know if a straight person means it as a joke or as a threat/something worse.

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