You’re a bitch.

We all have that ONE person at your job who markedly is a trouble maker and dissention creator.

I have one certainly here. One who makes it her mission to make work damn near unbearable every day. Supposedly she has an allergy to every scent known to man, yet she works at a department store.

How exactly do you work at a department store that has a HUGE fragrance department and not die?

How is it this person screams to be a “Christian” yet makes snide remarks about people behind their backs and then smiles in their faces right after? I get hella tired of hearing her pitchy, off key voice making an attempt at “singing” gospel songs every afternoon.

You are a bitch. Bottom line…you have no reason to be a bitch to me or anyone else here so you really should stop. Miserable people like yourself rub off eventually and help set the morale in the office down to an incredible low.

So please someone ‘splain to me, why be such a bitch?

You should probably open up to your husband a little bit and get laid…I hear it helps relieve a lot of stress and tension.

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