America’s Mood Map: An Interactive Guide to the United States of Attitude

This lovely thingy says I should be in Georgia….kinda close to my native North Carolina…:-)

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For a country that features the word United so prominently in its name, the U.S. is a pretty fractious place. We splinter along fault lines of income, education, religion, race, hyphenated origin, age and politics. Then too there’s temperament. We’re coarse or courtly, traditionalist or rebel, amped up or laid-back. And it’s no secret that a lot of that seems to be determined by — or at least associated with — where we live.

Now a multinational team of researchers led by psychologist and American expat Jason Rentfrow of the University of Cambridge in the U.K. has sought to draw the regional lines more clearly, literally mapping the American mood, with state-by-state ratings of personality and temperament.

[time-interactive id=personality_map]

According to the study, the winners (or losers, depending on how you view these things) were in some cases surprising and in some not at all. The top scorers on extroversion were…

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That’s so gay…

You don’t see this term as offensive? Because you’re straight? Hmmm. Okay.

To say “that’s so gay” reminds me of how some Black people feel a sense of entitlement to be able to call each other niggas. You let someone else say that, and it’s world war 99.


I’ve heard a couple of gay people use that slur against one another. Yet it’s okay.

I also can’t understand why it’s not okay for a man to compliment and or check out another man. Just because a straight man compliments another man (gay or straight) doesn’t mean he’s gay.

And if he is gay? So what? I think we all have a bit of homosexuality in us anyway.

Women regularly comment on the way other women look, their clothes their bodies and so forth. But they’re not ridiculed like men. If I see a beautiful woman, believe me, I will comment on it. I might even daydream a little about her for a little bit.

Nothing wrong with it.

So just like we gotta stop saying “My nigga this…and that…etc.” we gotta chill saying “That’s so gay…”

That goes for you gay folks too.

Three cheese stuffed Tortellini with Prosciutto and Spinach in a Creamy Alfredo Sauce

1 or 2 depending on how many you’re feeding! (9 ounce) package of fresh cheese tortellini
1 Tbs pine nuts
1 Tsp olive oil
6 large garlic cloves finely chopped
1/4 Tsp black pepper
4 Ounces thinly sliced prosciutto

Okay, I didn’t follow the initial directions like the recipe called as the pasta seemed like it would be too dry for my liking; so I made my alfredo sauce to toss it all in! In addition, I omitted the pine nuts and added an exotic blend of fresh mushrooms. I used a Sargento six cheese shredded blend in the alfredo sauce instead.

I boiled the pasta as directed on the packaging. While boiling the pasta, I sautéed the chopped fresh garlic in a little bit of butter (enough to brown it really nicely) then poured in a half pint of heavy whipping cream. Immediately after, I poured in about a cup of the Sargento’s cheese and with a whisk, kept stirring the sauce until it was creamy and there were no cheese clumps. I cooked this on about medium to melt the cheese to a creamy consistency. I then seasoned the alfredo sauce with a bit of garlic salt to taste (you can modify how much or little you use here!) While that was simmering on low (after the cheese melted down properly in the mixture) I sautéed the mushrooms and spinach in a large skillet with a dash of olive oil, garlic salt and pepper until the spinach was wilted and the mushrooms were cooked mostly.

I drained the pasta, but it back in the large pot I boiled it in threw in the spinach and mushroom mixture and poured the alfredo sauce over. Stirred it all up to make sure it was mixed well.

Voila! Dinner is served!



Chicken Marsala

Okay so I’d say I am a pretty decent cook in my own regard; I’ve rarely had too many complaints! What I have found lately is that I am evidently an old Italian woman on the inside and never knew it…:-)

Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, my palate has expanded that much more! One indecisive night of figuring out what we wanted to eat, he took to the kitchen and made a dish that was so succulent, I had to figure out how to make it myself and PERFECT it…

I will try my best to give the most precise directions and measurements so even an eight year old could do it.


4 Large boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut in half and pounded flat
1 Cup Marsala cooking wine
1 Cup chicken stock
2 Tbs Salted Butter
1 Package mushrooms (I prefer the exotic blend and if you’re a huge mushroom fan, pick up two!)
1 Tbs Garlic Salt
1/2 Tbs Cracked pepper
2 1/2 Cups of Flour
1/2 Cup Olive oil
1 (12 oz) package of Manischewitz Egg Noodles

1. Pour flour into a large bowl with your cracked pepper and garlic salt. Mix well with a fork or spatula. Preheat your oven to the lowest setting. Lay out broiling pan somewhere on your counter to lay the cooked chicken to keep warm. Start boiling your water with about two Tbs olive oil in a large pot.

2. Heat olive oil in a large non stick pan (about 5 minutes on medium high…don’t let it get so hot it smokes!). Dredge the chicken breast in the flour mixture shaking off excess.

3. Brown each side of the chicken in the olive oil and when it’s crispy and light brown (not too dark brown or you’ll get the burnt aftertaste), transfer the chicken breast to the broiler pan and place in the oven to keep warm. When you’re halfway finished cooking all of your chicken, slowly pour the egg noodles in the boiling water; follow directions on the back of the packaging.

4. After all of the chicken is cooked, throw in the mushrooms in the leftover olive oil and chicken breader bits. Season with cracked pepper and garlic salt. Toss and cook on medium high until the mushrooms are brown. If the mushrooms start sticking, add a little more olive oil.

5. Slowly pour in your one cup of Marsala cooking wine on top of the mushrooms and olive oil. Let the Marsala simmer on medium high for about five minutes to allow the alcohol to cook down.

6. After the Marsala cooking wine boils down a little, slowly add your chicken stock and two tbs of salted butter. Stir these ingredients well and simmer for about three minutes on medium heat.

7. Remove the noodles from the heat, drain and set over to the side.

8. Remove the chicken from the oven, place each piece in the Marsala mushroom mixture taking great care to cover each peach with the sauce and mushrooms.

9. Serve the chicken, sauce and mushrooms over a bed of egg noodles and garnish with fresh parsley.



You’re a bitch.

We all have that ONE person at your job who markedly is a trouble maker and dissention creator.

I have one certainly here. One who makes it her mission to make work damn near unbearable every day. Supposedly she has an allergy to every scent known to man, yet she works at a department store.

How exactly do you work at a department store that has a HUGE fragrance department and not die?

How is it this person screams to be a “Christian” yet makes snide remarks about people behind their backs and then smiles in their faces right after? I get hella tired of hearing her pitchy, off key voice making an attempt at “singing” gospel songs every afternoon.

You are a bitch. Bottom line…you have no reason to be a bitch to me or anyone else here so you really should stop. Miserable people like yourself rub off eventually and help set the morale in the office down to an incredible low.

So please someone ‘splain to me, why be such a bitch?

You should probably open up to your husband a little bit and get laid…I hear it helps relieve a lot of stress and tension.

People: optional.

My mind right now is a cluttered, jumbled mess.

With no end in sight and no light at the end of the tunnel. Quite frankly, I don’t even know where to begin other than where to end. It is simply amazing how quickly anything can take a turn for the worst in any given situation.

We the United States of America are presently in a government shutdown, threatening to cut off welfare benefits to many people throughout the nation.

So where are MY government benefits that I pay into every single month? Maybe this is a way for some of these people who mooch off the government to get up off their asses and go to work without solely relying on the government for everything.

I guess that’s where I am slightly conservative in my views of this nation.

Everyone seems to be blaming Barack Obama on the current state of the nation; the economic turmoil, war and everything else down to Miley Cyrus’ twerking habit. What people don’t realize is this is a trickling effect. I guess that now makes it okay to say hurricane Katrina was in fact George W. Bush’s fault?

I am by NO MEANS a Bush supporter, but to suggest that both of these people are responsible for meltdowns that obviously they had a hand in, but not solely is completely incredulous.

I am always for helping people, but when you’re a single mom like myself falling between the cracks of barely making it financially, while keeping a stable safe environment for my daughter and I all WITHOUT receiving a dime of welfare (food stamps etc.) I am hard pressed to be too sympathetic.

My feelings = Your playground

I really wish I could write everything that I am feeling here. Here and unsolicited with no consequences for giving out real names.

The fact of the matter is, my thoughts, feelings and emotions are such a jumbled mess overall that it is impossible to convey them all into words on here.

And on top of things, it is well known that I am an emotional train wreck at times. When we have those things called “friends”, we like to hold on to them. We like for them to reciprocate the love attention we might put into them. When the feeling is not mutual, one or both of the parties will eventually part to nothingness. I’ve learned over the years that I do not really have any close girlfriends now who would willingly reciprocate such emotions. I did have a girlfriend who I considered to be closer than family…of course, the tides changed when she met a dude and has been caught up in a whirlwind romance with him. You see, he verbalized his distaste for me and the situation I was in a few months ago…to her. One of my three best friends.

You know what happened? She told me about him not wanting her to be around me…and she listened. A girl I’ve known for damn near twenty years decided it was best to part ways and listen to what a man was saying to her..a man that she had only known for roughly seven months. SEVEN MONTHS.

The power of penis I guess?

Granted, her defense was she vocalized her displeasure with the situation I was in because she was looking out for my well being; being a friend. I am okay with that when you tell me, let me react and then it’s never brought back up again. However, the problem became I was alienated from all activities that were happening at my other best friends’ house. A best friend who I had known for about 8 years or so. A friend that I introduced to the 20 year friend about a year ago. All of a sudden friend one and friend two and their boyfriends were ALWAYS doing stuff together…all people that met through me.

But I knew nothing about it. The distance continued to grow and grow and finally she sent me a message through Facebook…of all things, FACEBOOK. In her message, she was basically asking where it all went wrong and that she didn’t know what happened. Well, I took it upon myself to let her know what went wrong. Nicely of course.

Well evidently she didn’t like it. She continued to rehash the SAME DAMN OLD ISSUE FROM BEFORE. So I kindly asked her to stop talking about it, that the issue was done and over and resolved and that I am a big girl and can handle my own life. She ended up sending me a message, a very nasty message laced with eloquently put curse words.

Was that supposed to get my attention? Um. Right. It took everything in my power not to drive over to her place and let her and her controlling, demeaning OLD ASS boyfriend have a piece of my mind.

Long story short, since that happening, friend two of 8 years and her boyfriend were oftentimes invited over to my house for dinner, drinks..whatever. Some bonding time. However, there was ALWAYS an excuse as to why they couldn’t make it. It was always more or less that the other two (friend one and her boyfriend) were on their way over or were already there. So of course, I stopped inviting them.

So this weekend was the icing on the cake. I’m home, and have to make a run to my moms house which means I have to basically ride by friend two’s house.

Not that it was any of my business, but for her to be sick and not want to be bothered by anyone, there were an awful lot of people at her place. When I rode back by, there were still a good amount of people at her house.

Coincidence? I think not…espcecially given how she and I talked about the alienation and how much it seems like since these two arrived in town (my used to be friend of twenty or so years and her boyfriend) and all that crazy shit went down, I have been grossly left out. All I’ve requested is a little bit of time. That’s all.

But I can’t even get that much from a “friend”. Just like any other relationship, a friendship is a two-way street where both and all parties involved should take initiative to talk to the other. My feelings evidently are the playground of these people. These very emotionally selfish people…

Or is it me?

I take some fault in it, but considering I continually kept my doors open to friend two and kept inviting her and her boyfriend to things to get NOTHING at all but excuse after excuse, it’s hard to take that much blame.