Hello all! First of all, I must say happy Friday to you! I’m glad you decided to stop by and check me out! Today I’ll be speaking on a very popular American past time now: reality television.

As I sat the night before last watching The X Factor with the family, I came to the realization that no longer is real talent appreciated or even out there. There’s an oversaturation of these reality music shows that promise fame and fortune all to be crushed by the real reality that there are so many more just like them competing each year for the same place. For that moment, their star shines brightly but not terribly long after it fades into an oblivion much like every one else….

Please Google Susan Boyle….

When I was growing up, we definitely had “reality” music discovery shows like Star Search or what have you. But that was pretty much it at the time. Now we have the joke of American Idol, The X Factor and The Voice. How in the world are we to decipher which ones are great and which ones are mediocre? How are we going to appreciate raw talent that comes up on their own without the help of “votes” from the public? Those contestants are rammed down our throat much like Ray J did Kim Kardashian years ago (sorry for the exaggeration, but that drives the point home right?) and we can’t help but become robots who “love” the next big thing.

I’ll do a separate blog about my distaste for the Kardashian crew since I’ve mentioned them…not haterade, just tired of their oversaturation of the universe. They’re utterly pointless really. Famous because their dad assisted on getting a murder dismissed and because the middle daughter opened her legs for the thousandth time, filmed it and “accidentally leaked” it….

Back to the topic at hand….we need to get back to REAL music. Real rappers, real singers and real bands.

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