Here I am. Again. This is me…

It is quite amazing the changes that can occur over the course of a year. Lives lost, love found, babies born, people grow apart…

Just like the seasons, life is a constant evolution from yesterday. I like to say that I live off of touch. The moment I can no longer feel, I am no longer alive. The human touch is one thing that can evoke such a large range of emotions. A soft caress across ones skin signifies love and compassion. While at the same token a harsh touch signifies anything from hatred to anger.

Just like our words, we should be careful of our touch…it can make or break someone.

In the past year, I’ve gained some wonderful people in my life with whom I hope to spend a very long time with. I have lost two very close relatives to the only thing we as human beings are ALL guaranteed: death.

I have lost a good friend not to physical death; but death of a friendship. A friendship lost and one I treasured so much. A friend who once praised my ability to speak on whatever might be floating around in my brain no matter what. I am not always completely blunt, but I try not to dress anything up too much.

Success. I want to achieve success one day. Don’t we all?

Some will argue that money doesn’t buy happiness; I am willing to bet the idiot who came up with such ridiculous prose never had to endure the silent pride killer called being broke. I am so much happier when I have a little extra cash in my pocket…Just waiting now on someone to pick up on my amazing writing skills and pay me for doing what I do for free.

Paging Oprah…;-)

3 thoughts on “Here I am. Again. This is me…

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  2. You can’t directly buy happiness, but you can BUY experiences with money that makes you happy. People that say money don’t buy happiness are usually broke, but you can always change that when you change your mindset. Being happy is a decision away.

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