Stop blaming the government.

So a great deal of you continue to blame the government for leeches mooching off the public assistance; however, do you all forget these people should be held somewhat accountable?

People lie. You and I both know this. That said, how do we expect the government to monitor every single person on public assistance? We can’t. The government provides assistance based on what an individual tells them. So if that woman or man who is receiving housing, energy, food and childcare assistance and is only reporting the minimum income, how is the government to know when to cut them off?

They don’t ….

Government programs are to benefit people who are going through hard times or need a jump start to start over to better their lives, not as a reliant support system for all eternity.

I do believe there should be a cap on HOW LONG one can receive ANY kind of public assistance. I do not think there should be income requirements in emergency situations either. ANYONE can fall on hard times …


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