Eye had a dream.

Monday night as I was wrapped up tightly in my blanket, trying not to let any of my natural body heat escape I left. I left North Carolina in my slumber and awakened to my feet firmly placed upon the cold concrete of the city that holds my heart so close and dear; New York City.

In my dream I was walking…walking down the busy streets of New York watching the hustle and bustle of everyone around me. Marvelling the sight of the iconic yellow cabs whipping and whirling all around me. Soaking in every honk of the horns of the ever so impatient travellers and each siren blaring in a rush to assist whatever person is in need of help.

I stood. I stood in the middle of the sidewalk with my eyes shut. My eyes shut hoping and praying indeed, this is not a dream. I dug my right hand deep into my wool coat pocket to feel for keys…I wrestled with car keys, loose change and a cell phone to find a key. A single gold key to a residence I assumed. I turned to my left and looked and there was an apartment building. A beautiful brick and mortar apartment building of towering stature. An inviting building of which was my residence. My home. I pulled the key out of my pocket and firmly placed it in my palm, holding onto it with no intentions of letting go. I barreled through the glass doors of the building stepped to the front desk and requested my residence information with of course the proper identification. I was pointed to an elevator and hopped on. I rode the shaky elevator to a floor unknown. I got off the elevator and strategically inserted that gold key which was now the same temperature as my body due to the tight grip I had upon it for the entire trip up to the apartment floor, into a door. I don’t remember the door number or letter or any of those details, but I do remember the hallway being beautifully lit. It was very comfortable natural lighting in the hallway. I stepped to a tall dark cherry wood door. Just the door alone commanded respect and possessed a presence that was a force to be reckoned with. I turned the key and swung the door open gently to see a sparsely furnished apartment. It was an older apartment but full of potential. There were toys in the living room on the couch, presumably my little one’s toys. On the couch was a sleeping person….my daughter. I walked past her to the window…a large looming window with no curtains and no blinds. I stood there for a minute, looked down and saw the cars driving at a crawling speed due to the impending congestion. I listened for the honking horns and the blaring sirens and actually began to feel a little sick on my stomach when I realized just how high I was up. That was the point when my alarm awakened me and I realized I was not where I wanted to be; still here in the cool Carolina winter air, with a sleeping beauty next to me. It was indeed a dream…a dream I didn’t want to wake from. A dream that I will make a reality one day.

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