Thank you for nothing Wake County.

Dear Wake County Public Schools,

I despise you. I strongly dislike everything you represent and how you so ineffectively run this school system. For two years my child’s base school was almost at the Durham county line when there were still THREE elementary schools within a TWO mile radius. This base school is also a year round school… I understand your need to force people to diversify or whatever you feel the need to bus children all over the county, but know that by providing fewer options for base schools with provided transportation, you’re putting a good deal of us working class parents in such a financial crunch, we won’t even be able to survive. Then you’ll want to report us for child neglect because we can’t feed and clothe them. We were so happy when in fact this year A was able to ride the bus home…a savings to my pocket that has been greatly appreciated. Now what the hell am I supposed to do along with all of the other parents in my neighborhood who have elected to send their children to neighborhood schools?

Please do tell us, as parents what exactly was wrong with the way you all did it this year with the option of schools that are closer to home? Now, instead of being able to switch my schedule around to get off in time to get my child off the school bus, I will now have to fork out an insane amount of money for after school because I will not be have that extra time cushion in the afternoon for her to ride the bus. Clearly my job isn’t willing to change back to a work schedule where I can come in super early and leave by 3:30. I am certainly not the only parent who strongly disagrees with this position you all are taking on our children. Leave options open! I do not want to have to send my daughter 14-17 minutes away from school when there is a school within a five minute driving distance. I will be passing THREE schools on my way to her school if indeed I decided to send her across the world for
the sake of you all creating diversity.

Wake county public schools, you’re a laughing stock in the nation. Get it together

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