..I’m sorry you did what?!

Hi there folks! I’m on a whole different page today for some reason…not sure why but it is what it is. Partial discussion for today: changing a taken man.

Ladies, if you meet him, start dating him while he is involved with someone, there’s no way in hell he’s going to leave her and actually be faithful to you. Sorry…I do not believe it. It doesn’t matter the situation, if he’s cheating on her with you what makes you think you’re so special that he’s going to stop just for you? Did you forget you were the side chick for a moment? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Now if there’s someone out there (preferably a male) who can seriously back up the claim that a man can change and be faithful to a woman that he met while being unfaithful…(I’m not talking about a married man…that’s a whole ‘nother topic! I’m more specifically speaking of a man who is actively dating another woman…), then please, by all means do inform me of one of these cases for I’ve NEVER heard of it happening.

Ladies, do you think you have some magical vagina juice that will somehow convince him to stay with you? I hate to break it to you, but his girl also probably thought she had the magic stuff too and could keep her man satisfied. Clearly that didn’t work out too well for her either? We’ve got to for sure do more better. Yes, I said MORE BETTER.

On another note, I have a huge problem with the demoralization of nudity. Only here in America do we see nudity and automatically switch gears to making it something sexual. Get outta here…

We were born in our birthday suits which clearly consisted of nothing but our beautiful skin and whatever else we might have be it we were born male or female. So why is it such a bad thing to be naked? I personally ENJOY being naked and just walking around naked. It matters not how unattractive one may think I look when I am in my full birthday suit, it makes me feel great. As should you too. In my humble opinion, I believe women especially should walk around naked, and look at themselves in the mirror in this state. The reason behind this: confidence. How many of you ladies dread walking in front of that full length mirror right after you’ve showered and dried off because of the image peering back at you? I am sure there are a good many of you who are almost disgusted with the image in the mirror; a distorted silhouette of your former teenage self. You should EMBRACE who you are now! Stop turning the lights off when you’re making love with your man (or woman whichever you prefer) leave the lights on! He or she will enjoy the new found confidence you have! I promise….that in itself will make for a more exciting romp in the sheets I guarantee. Walk around naked, touch your body, dance for yourself, do whatever it takes for you to love who YOU are!

Nudity is beautiful!

3 thoughts on “..I’m sorry you did what?!

  1. A lot of insight here !! Yes in this country nudity is viewed far to harshly. As a nude couple we are nude 90% of the time and we never get tired of looking at each other. Yes relationships are very complicated and it’s just difficult to figure out what someone of the opposite sex is looking for. Great adventurous sex is a plus but not usually enough to seal the deal, there has to be more. So much more could be said here, a very interesting blog.

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