{Extreme dislike: personified.}

Theoretically speaking, we never dated. Seriously at least. I’d say we casually dated with some seriousness thrown in the mix during those few months of the dance we were doing. It was a very nice dance when we were both in sync. A dance of epic proportion; a dance that seemed to flow together much like the pieces of a complicated puzzle where the two of us where the winning shapes.

I guess I can’t really be mad that you lied to me…


You see, more than anything I was affected by you in a way that no one else has done before. You looked me in the eye and said in a nutshell I was much like the woman you indeed were looking for. You tore yourself into the windows of my soul, spoke sweet words of desire and truth by your definition into my ear…and I took them in. I listened and believed every single word you spoke to me that night. I soaked every one of your words in and kept them locked away in the back of my mind by lock and key, with you being the one who held the master-key. In such a short period of time, my emotions were overwhelmed by a sense of desire to know more about you. A desire to reel you in and just hold you. Hold you and pray that you’d allow me to one day learn to love you.

Little did I know at the time, but your words were made of nothing. Nothingness and dark intentions filled these words rather than good intentions mentioned in your silky words spoken. The words spoken to me by you rolled off your tongue with such ease and deception, I should’ve saw clear through it from the beginning. But me being a trusting woman, a woman who wanted so badly to believe you might be indeed different from the vast majority of penises out there seeking to just bust a nut and keep it moving. But of course, I was tragically wrong.

I oftentimes question the length of time required to fall for someone per se, and unfortunately I don’t think it took that long for me to fall for you. You’re not the absolute most beautiful man I’ve ever dealt with so truthfully it’s not even the looks. (I’m not a bad looking lady so I can pull my weight in the sexy man department…please believe that…) It was your personality. It was the way our personalities jived, the common interest and the ability to carry on a real conversation with you without having to fill in gaps and voids with nonsensical information.

It was the ability to stand there with your arms wrapped all around me for a long period of time and not one word be verbally spoken yet so many words said at one time. Sometimes it’s what is NOT said that means so much more than words that are verbally spoken and at that moment, your non verbal communication spoke volumes of intimacy and belief in something greater between you and I.

But that was only a product of deception and lies to fill a personal void that obviously you have and I cannot fix. I congratulate you on your endeavors. You should also win some kind of an award for your amazing acting skills because you definitely played a great role and won me over without saying one word….

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