Racism: just stop it. Veiled or unveiled.

Okay…You all already know I can be rather opinionated and or passionate about this topic at hand. Hence the reason why it’s a diary of a mad MIXED lady.

First of all, could someone please explain to me why it’s not okay for people of opposite races (IE, Black people and White people) to date, marry and reproduce? Are you really that afraid that your lilly White or pure Ebony race will greatly diminish so much that you’ll no longer be in existence?


Because technically everyone is of mixed race if you look at history. What is it about skin color that bothers some of you so much in regards to dating or marrying? I am a fine example of race mixing that came out to be a great person…or at least I think I have.

I’ve oftentimes questioned how some people can be very cool with me specifically, and tell how much they’re not racist but have a huge problem with any of their family members racially mixing.

Wake up people! We are ALL people! The last I checked, when we are all cut, we all bleed the same color blood: RED. When one of you bleeds a different shade than I do then please let me know. I want to see this with my own eyes.

You all need to sit down, SHUT UP and let it go. It’s going to happen. Black people and White people can date, marry and have children and raise these children in just as stable an environment as your mono race family did your family. Don’t sit back and try and blame someone else either for your family member “going astray” in the world of interracial dating because I hate to break it to you, but there’s not one individual who can force anyone to be attracted to whomever they are attracted to. Nine times outta nine, these people have ALWAYS felt it, just never acted upon it out of fear of backlash from the very ones who SHOULD be most supportive…

Before you judge a man or woman based solely on their skin tone without knowing a damn thing about them, you might want to check yourself and your own insecurities. Just because you are afraid, doesn’t mean you should not give someone else the benefit of a doubt that they indeed are just as good a person as your own…

Just a little food for thought.

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