no! not the four letter WORD!

Okay…we all know that four letter word that some of us truly despise. I actually resent this word being used if you don’t mean it. For me, it means I really and truly am something special to you and that you’re not saying to anyone else but ME.

Probably NOT the case, but hey…I can dream right?

So what word am I talking about? Did you guess L-O-V-E?

Well you’re wrong…

I’m talking about the word B-A-B-Y. Please do not call me baby unless you mean that shit. Seriously…calling me baby, especially if I am obviously into you and want to get to know you a bit further, signifies a level of “ownership” in a way to me. It’s like you’re saying, the feeling is mutual, I’m digging you and I am kind of on my way to making you my girl.

I’m sure I’m wrong on my analysis but again, I can dream. Now, if you’re a complete stranger and you utter that four letter word to me, then you’ll come off as a creeper. One who is just out for the kitty and that’s it. Nothing more. It’s just when it’s a person I am seriously in to and might eventually want to take something to another level says it, it just does something to me.

So word to the wise, unless the feeling is mutual and you plan on taking it to a higher and respectable level, DO NOT  let that word roll off your tongue.

I will take it seriously….

Now that other evil four letter word…yeah, it can go to hell. Seriously. Who needs love?

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