Jungle Fevaaaah

Something I’ve noticed over my short life time insofar is the negatives surrounding certain interracial relationships. Even in the 21st century, it appears to still be taboo or frowned upon for minority women to date White men…but yet it’s okay for our “brotha’s” to date, marry and have children with White women.

Why the differences?

I do not see nearly as many influential, about “something”, White men dating women of color as much as well to do, influential Black men dating and marrying White women. I know it does happen, but not nearly at the rate of the aforementioned. I personally do not discriminate and have an equal love for the Caucasian persuasion.


I am RARELY approached by White men who can bring something to the table…I wonder why? Hmmm…

My minority sisters, it’s okay to date outside of the color lines. I promise…it won’t hurt you. There is a rumor that White men lack in the bedroom area and truthfully, any man of any race could be lacking in the bedroom area so out you go with that stereotype. In all actuality, I have found the White men I have dealt with in my lifetime have been much more attentive and seemingly caring than the Black men I’ve dealt with. (so sue me…just my experiences and no, I will not change that statement so get over it or step up your game) They don’t seem to play as many games either…

So why am I not with one now you ask?

Because I was wrapped in a very, very long relationship for a good portion of my existence and am in the past year really getting over that….so I’ve not taken the ones who have approached that seriously. Only up until recently have I taken any guy seriously…to be not taken seriously by him. (Please see my prior postings….)


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