{just to get laid}

So there’s an epidemic going around. I’ve heard it’s where guys will say anything to a woman to get her in the sack. Whatever it will take to land her as another notch on their belt.

Even if it means hurting a good one…

Listen up guys…stop thinking your penis owns anyone’s vagina. Sadly, that is not the case. You might say you don’t like to share but why is it okay for you to share your goods? I am not exactly talking about only the physical aspect, but the emotional side of you. Why should a woman give you her body and be committed to you and your member if you cannot commit to her?

You can’t commit to her emotionally and only partially physically. Please, leave the building with that business and do not return until you’ve gathered your senses.

Oh yes, and don’t call her a whore: if you slept with her, what exactly do you think that makes you?

Um. A whore.

Ladies, if he’s not willing to make you his main course, why would you settle for being just the appetizer or the side dish when he’ll be going home to his filet mignon?

Get it together people….and wrap it up while you’re at it!


2 thoughts on “{just to get laid}

  1. It sucks that people think they need to be deceptive to get laid. There are plenty of men and women out there who are looking for the same thing. The women who want casual sex should look for men who want casual sex. Looking for a long term commitment? Find someone who wants that! There are enough people to go around, we don’t need to be dick bags about it. I totally agree. (ESP to the wrapping it up part.)

    • Hello there! Oh my gooooooodness! Yes!!! I’ve said time and time again, if you put it out there exactly what your intentions are, sometimes you may receive a very surprising agreement! There are women out there who can carry on casual sex non committal relationships without any kind of emotional attachment. At one point in life, I thought I was one of those who “could” do that, but found out very quickly I cannot separate the two. Thank you sooo much for ready and come back for another…;-)

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