{that’s what you said…right?}

From my recollection, I think you said that we clicked. You mentioned that we clicked…in a very good way. I saw the sparks…the sparks that could have potentially grown into a flame that would’ve burned for all eternity.

But yet you’ve chosen to call on me when it’s convenient for you. The time that we’ve spent together, regardless to how many times or how few, has always been nothing short of amazing. When in your presence you do make me feel like I am the only lady in the world that matters. You may not know this, but you do. It’s the little things you’d say to me that would tear me up inside and make me believe I’d found someone very special. Someone worth letting my guard down to get to know. It’s not possible to say, how could you feel all of that after knowing one another on that level for such a relatively short period of time. Time cannot be placed on how two people come together and just “click”.

Now, if indeed you weren’t feeling the same thing I was, I wish you’d tell me. I think it’s downright selfish to know that a very good woman, one worth keeping, has vocally expressed her desire to know more about you and yet you give the cold shoulder.

I wouldn’t rush you; I am not trying to rush into anything. Yes, I am going with the flow and cool with that, but getting to know someone or even letting down a wall to know someone is a two-way street. I am not one who will be under a man every waking minute of the day…I am not one to constantly be talking to you all throughout the day. I do have a life and intend on continuing to live it with or without a partner. I am very busy as most people who have  a life are but made the decision to try to break down my walls that have been put up to try to get to know someone.


I was really hoping that someone was you….

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