{Mixed chicks: It’s okay to be racially ambiguous.}

I personally come from a very diverse background…and I am very thankful for that. Some would also say I grew up on the “right” side of the tracks, a beautiful home, pool, nice cars….a generally good life. My family as a whole has worked tirelessly to get to where they are now. They’ve worked long hard hours to build the platform in which our children’s children will be able to stand upon in years to come.

We are also a group of people who look all kinds of beautiful ways. We are light skinned, White skinned with freckles, blue, green, brown and hazel eyes. We are brown skinned with straight hair or curly hair. Oh you ask about our hair? Yeah, we have many variations of that too. Some are blonde, brown, auburn, red and black. We look all kinds of ways and gladly embrace it. We embrace our kinky hair, our straight hair, our natural or not so natural hair. We embrace our skin tone variations and know these are the things that make us so beautiful.

Women of color (and that really means all women because we all have A color) need to learn to embrace what they’ve been given and own it. Own that pale white skin and make it work for you. Own that beautiful ebony skin…make it work! Don’t let society dictate what should be considered beautiful…we all can’t be white skinned with long raven hair (paging all of you Kim Kardashian wannabees now)

I am guilty of many times being the jealous one….the one who wanted to be more curvy in the RIGHT places. The one who wanted the long raven shiny straight hair with a beautiful cinnamon tan. But of course, none of that is me. I am very fair skinned almost yellow with a decent grade of curly wavy thick hair. I have some freckles on my face and a good deal of acne scarring. My eyes are not dark brown but not light brown either. I grew up with a unibrow and some very manly hairy legs. I am still to this day a very hairy individual. People, keep your imaginations at bay please…O_0

But I’ve grown to love the skin that I am in. It’s taking a very long time, but I am learning to really love ME. My daughter has long beautiful brown hair with these incredible auburn and some blonde natural highlights. She’s a caramel complexion and already shaped like a curvy baby Beyonce. Yikes. I am teaching her to ebrace who she is. She and I had a conversation last night about santa. She said that her Dad says Santa is Black. I told her Santa is multiracial….

And that mommy has a payment plan going towards Santa and her gifts so don’t question the validity of Santa…haha


Embrace yourselves ladies. You’re beautiful in your own skin.

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