A war between the heart and mind. And the soul to bear witness.

I, like a good deal of human beings at some point in their life, am experiencing a war between my heart and my mind. My heart is screaming at me, trying to pull me in one direction while my mind is yelling at the top of its lungs for me to go in another direction; a realistic direction. My heart tells me it’ll be okay, not to be angry with yourself but my mind of course is saying, get real. You knew what it was from the beginning.

In saying this, I am referencing all kinds of relationship. Not just the obvious romantic relationship that is automatically assumed to be the one I am talking about in this writing. I have a good deal of close friends..I’d like to say that if ever I needed anything I could pick up the phone and call any one of them and they’d be there no matter what. However, I’ve had some “friends” in my past and some present who are much better at lip service than actual friend service. I had someone (a co-worker) get upset with me because I refused to befriend another co-worker of whom I didn’t trust. There was a good reason in my mind to stay clear of this human being and that was because of the false presentations she was giving the world.

This human being professed herself to be a “preacher” yet she indulged herself in the way of the world on a regular basis. It was nothing to hear stories about how she fought some woman over her POS “baby daddy”…I hate that term. We’ll talk about that tomorrow. Anyway, I saw through the bullshit for lack of better wording. Long story short, the co-worker who I thought was a good friend of mine turned her back on me. And never returned. She felt like I needed to be best friends with this heathen of a person who I felt I had good reason not to deal with.

But whatever.

We all know that friendships can also be a war of the heart and mind but oftentimes are in denial with one another about the dynamics of such friendships. Sometimes it’s one or another who is constantly the initiator of the friendship…it’s like a romantic relationship, it’s a two-way street people.

Romantic relationships: yeah, okay that’s a whole ‘nother conversation. That is a very clear and concise war between the heart and the mind that we have all understood at some point in life. It is a constant war that one will never win unless there are two players in the game rather than one trying to make it work. Sadly, each person or one of the two, will bear their soul for the other to see. Now whether or not it works out, this soul bearing activity can work for the best or the worst. It can be something that helps the other party better understand where the other is coming from or it can be used as a tool to hurt the other person. Once you’ve bared your soul and opened up that window to your heart, there’s no turning back. That leaves a person very vulnerable to being heartbroken …

Choose your people wisely….

2 thoughts on “A war between the heart and mind. And the soul to bear witness.

    • Oh you are so much more than welcome! Sometimes it can be difficult to get out exactly what we want to say without hurting someone else. I have chosen to take up blogging as an outlet for my feelings and for the feelings of others…who may not want to say whatever or know the words to say it. Hopefully more of my writings will be touching to you and influence you and others in some way…:-) Thanks for reading!

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