Do not let the attractive face fool you.

Ladies and gentlemen. My brothers and sisters. You all have got to stop this foolishness.

A topic rarely visited by our minority community is protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Now, I am targeting the minority community because based on statistics, this is where the most issue lies. ( statistics do not lie people)

Blacks—In 2010, the overall rate among blacks in the United States was 1,167.5 cases per 100,000, a 4.0% increase from the 2009 rate of 1,122.2 cases per 100,000. The rate of chlamydia among black women was over seven times the rate among white women (1,536.5 and 205.1 per 100,000 women, respectively) (Figure O). The chlamydia rate among black men was almost 11 times the rate among white men (761.8 and 69.9 cases per 100,000 men, respectively).

Just because you see an attractive woman or an attractive man, that does not mean you dive in unprotected. What people do not realize is that these diseases can lay dormant for years and not come to fruition until years later. Now, just because a person has contracted something, doesn’t mean he or she was or is promiscuous. One cannot control what their significant other, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancée, husband or wife do outside of a monogamous relationship. This is where it is more imperative now than ever to be protected and to stay faithful if you are in a relationship with someone. ANYONE is at risk, even those of you who have stayed faithful and may have only had ONE partner in life. Even those who kept their virginity until marriage. You can only account for what your husband/wife has told you.

Don’t judge a person who might’ve had something once before that has been cured. You don’t know the circumstances surrounding the contraction because remember, it only takes ONE person to be unfaithful to pass it to their partner unknowingly. Or it only takes one person that you trusted to be honest to give you an STD without any fair warning. Remember, they might not have known themselves.

Do not get offended if your partner asks to be tested together; it’s for both of your protection and not making any implications that one or the other has cheated. We need to get REAL about this serious topic and stop living in a fantasy world that it could “never happen to me”.

In closing, don’t let the attractive face fool you. I read way too many sad stories of lives being ruined from one night of instant gratification…


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