My class reunion…

My ten year class reunion is this weekend. I have not seen many of these classmates in excess of twelve years or more…and am anxiously awaiting this spectacle. Truthfully, I am excited, but also a bit afraid.

I’m afraid that people won’t remember me. You see, when I was a sophomore in high school, my mother pulled me out of the school, the environment I had known for 15 years of my life to go to a rival school. Of course I was not happy at all. I wanted so badly to stay in familiar territory. I wanted to stay with the friends I had grown up with and grown to love.

This weekend I am going to waltz myself down to the coast and pray that I don’t feel too awkward not seeing these folks in so many years. I pray that I don’t fumble too many people’s names and that I look completely different than what they remember me. I was a very skinny and, for lack of better words, a bit ugly growing up. I’m excited to see those who I was close with, and those I wasn’t so close to just to catch up.

Yep, this is the dork that most everyone will remember. 🙂

I can’t wait to see you all there…

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