It’s not desperation. it’s just being.

Okay okay okay. Seriously people? What gives? What is it about me that oozes sexuality? What is it about me that seems to lead damn near every guy who attempts to speak to me to thinking that I am some kind of a sex fiend who will give it up at the drop of a dime?

I am my usual silly self on my facebook, rarely anything suggestive and if anything, I am much more of a sap on my facebook page than a woman playing in the ring of whoredom. There was a time in my life I will admit that I might’ve considered and acted upon such instant gratifications. No longer the case though. I am nearing thirty years old and do not have the time or patience to be involved with such behaviors. Really.

And I mean it.

I made that mistake not too long ago, and of course I do fault myself for that. Nothing should’v ever happened but it did and I am not exactly regretful for it, but saddened. Saddened that I didn’t stand my ground like I said I would.

He was simply irresistible though. If you saw him, you would’ve too.

I might take time out to speak to a guy and get to know them and things are seemingly going well; however, I cannot read the male mind. We women are complicated enough, definitely cannot decipher the mind of a confused, horny man. That said, I personally would like to know what it is about me that sends that message. I would understand if I was always wearing overly suggestive clothing items. I would understand if I was always talking about sex and getting “some” all over my facebook or even in person. But I don’t do these things. I am just me.

I’ve been told that men can pick up on a damaged hurt woman. That they almost have this instinct that she’s been hurt by someone else so therefore, I can smooze her for a bit and get her to do anything. That works to a degree. Sadly. However, I have been over my last heartbreak for years now, so what gives?

Gentlemen, please understand this, just because a woman may come across as vulnerable and prone to do anything, don’t do her like that. Don’t take advantage of a woman who has been scorned because all that will happen out of that, is she’ll catch on to your motives and in the end be a bitter, bitter woman. Then you all will be the main ones screaming why are you women all so bitter?

Treat us right and don’t take advantage and I promise the inner bitch that lies dormant will not rear her ugly head nearly as frequently as you think she does.

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