{Insert explicative here.}

Ok, so after unfortunately being part of a conversation that started out really civil I noticed something. This caught my eye in a way that it probably caught a few others eyes too.

The excessive usage of the word “bitch” to describe a woman. Now, I understand if she’s done something to potentially “act” the part of such, but is it really necessary men to refer to women in all regards as bitches? Can’t we just be women?

The word is offensive when talking about women and down right degrading. That’s the same thing I’ve mentioned before about grown women and young girls saying that they’re “bad bitches”. What part of that phrase even remotely offers a shimmering ray of positivity? That’s just like a man saying, “I’m a fly bastard.”

Seriously people?

So if women are going to be referred to as bitches all the time, I will be sure to let all you bastards know where you stand in my book. And when I say the word bastard, just in case you all didn’t know, I was referring to men.

Stop the ignorance people. You guys do realize these are the people who will be changing our diapers one day right?


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