There was a time when we used to be children.

….does anyone else remember the Gideon Bibles that were passed out in elementary school? I distinctly remember receiving one at Edgewood Elementary in the third grade…

I also remember singing ‘My Country ‘Tis of Thee’ and praying in a line in kindergarten before we ate breakfast. I also remember the hanging paddle by the door of my kindergarten class…as a warning not to misbehave. I remember pulling out my mat and taking a nap next to my best friend at the time and anxiously awaiting recess to go outside and play dodgeball…

Oh, how the times have changed.

There was once a time when people were not afraid to pray openly in schools. There was a time when it was known that if a child misbehaved in school, the paddle would be brought out and parents would be called or sent a note home. This is when it was okay for a village to help raise a child. Proving the old proverb to be fairly accurate. I am a proponent for discipline in schools. Of course not beating children, but the paddling we and our parents received didn’t kill any of us and I think helped mold some of the best individuals insofar.

I don’t remember any of my classmates being on drugs for ADHD, we were just being children.

How did they solve the hyperactivity? They let us play and take naps. We were once allowed to be children. Our country is raising a bunch of heathens who do not respect any form of authority and are all jacked up on Ritalin and other drugs to help with their “hyperactivity”.

I just wish things would move a little closer to the way they used to be in terms of schooling…

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