Music. Love. Child.

I am the first to admit that I absolutely adore the talent of any true singer. A musician. I am also a sucker for a guy who can sing or a woman who can seriously carry a tune and evoke fireworks of emotions within.

However, in this day in time, we are severely lacking in the talent pool. Auto-tune has all but slaughtered the music industry. Singers no longer need to be able to sing and there is a plethora of bad singing auditioning shows out now that forecast the next big singer. Only, the next big singer on these shows are the next big singer for the moment.

There used to be tools like StarSearch that were fairly legit. And of course, that was pretty much the only show of its kind at the time. Now we have a next singer search overload.

It needs to be put to rest.


There is a lot of talent out there that deserves some kind of recognition beyond that found on these horribly scripted reality pieces of crap that we are forcibly subjected to on almost a daily basis. We need to start supporting our local performers and get their names out there. People here in the RDU triangle area are constantly talking about how we don’t support an environment rich in music and just the arts in general. We will never be known on the map of anywhere until we back our artist. They shouldn’t have to be like J. Cole and move to NY to make it. We should be able to have our artist make it HERE. Here at home….

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