i’m afraid.

There is something about you; something has charmed me. No, it’s not your manly good looks, it’s not your megawatt smile…your personality plays a huge role in it, but still, there’s something else.

Something else I cannot quite put my finger on. You’re enchanting and much like myself in so many ways. Maybe now, I can give you my little hand written note that I’ve been carrying around in my purse for the past month. Maybe I do have the guts to do so now…

There’s only one problem:

I admitted to you that I thought I wasn’t good enough.

Big mistake. That’s something no woman should ever say to a man.

It’s not that I thought I wasn’t good enough per se, but that I wasn’t sure if I was holding your attention like you were holding mine. I am good enough, if not great, I just said it all wrong.

However, I will not speak any negatives about it. Some say you shouldn’t be too optimistic about potential relationships because of the disappointments that could happen, or that the other person might not reciprocate the feelings and emotions you put out.

But that could happen in ANY relationship.

I wanted it, I am going for it…..

why not?

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