Enter Title Here…it says.

I am thinking maybe I should write an entry on how I truly feel. Writing my inside emotions might be what I need to do. Therapeutic if you will.

Family means everything to me, and right now, my family is a bit broken. I fear the only time the group of us will be together like we used to will be at a funeral. That is not the only time family should get together and celebrate one another. I have had my differences with my mothers other child, however, she won’t even allow her daughter to spend any time with my child. Just because I personally don’t agree with the way you live your life and how you treat others, doesn’t have any effect on children enjoying one another. It’s so sad. My child longs for her little cousin to come stay with her and play with her but she can’t. She can’t because her mother will not allow it.

Let me set the story very straight here because there’s been a lot of speculation as to what has happened and why things are the way they are. Nearly two years ago, May 25, 2011 my mothers other daughter basically in a nutshell assaulted me. Now keep in mind, she’s a bit of a habitual assaulter on people. Anyway, her reasoning? She was mad that I was helping her EX move out of our mother’s house. Earlier in that day she was angered because she logged into HIS Facebook page and saw a message between he and my best friend. Nothing serious, all play play innocent. I saw the message. The basis behind it was he had no friends up here, was isolated at my mom’s house all the time so he started hanging out at my apartment. My girlfriend and I and he would sit and watch movies…and just hang out. Innocent hanging out. He and I basically would torture her by playing horror movies that we knew she didn’t like and of course laugh at her fear of the movies. Now let me casually interject that she, my mother’s other child, would go across the parking lot to visit her friend, but would never step foot into my place to visit myself and my child. Fast forward:

They hadn’t been dating for a while and he was tired of all of the BS surrounding that living arrangement. I took him to go get his things from my mom’s house and was going to take him back home. We get there, she pulls up with my niece in the car and a friend of hers in the front seat and starts banging on my window of my car. Yeah, I was getting a bit angry at this point. I got out of the car, he heard the commotion came running over, stood between the two of us and she of course sucker punched me in my left eye. Now at this point, there were a lot of words exchanged and she hit me as HE stood between us.

Punk move I’d say.

But whatever.

I was in shock. In shock that this grown person has hit me in my eye for no apparent reason. Because you’re mad? I didn’t hit her back. I am much smarter than that. I value my job and having my daughter so I did what any other victim would do, I called the police. My mother of course begged me not to…she said that I should be thinking about my niece. What I tried to convey to my mother at that point was that obviously she wasn’t thinking of her daughter (my niece) when she brought her to the house with all intentions of fighting someone. I didn’t talk to my mother for a very long time after that…because she wasn’t listening to me. I called the police and of course pressed charges because unlike myself, she is going to assault the wrong person and she may end up seriously injured or worse yet, dead. I was seeking some kind of help for her because obviously she needs it. Her reasoning though for still not allowing me to see my niece?

I “hooked” her ex up with my best friend. Um, seriously. No I didn’t. They’re grown and so is she. People can date whoever they want. She presented the question of what would I do if she “hooked” one of her best friends with my little girls Dad. My answer?

Go ahead…that means he wont’ be bothering me. 🙂

So to those of you who know all of us now know why I have no contact with her, will have no contact and have no intentions of ever having any with her. Never have I said to my child she couldn’t be around that “female”. My child cannot go anywhere with her, but at a neutral spot like my mother’s house, I really don’t care. She has stated on numerous occasions that she doesn’t want her daughter around me at all. Even though I’ve never so much as laid a hand on my niece in any form.

Oh and by the way, she also seems to like to put into people’s heads that I am dating him or have dated him. Her ex. Um, no. If you really know me, you’d know that’s a boundary I would NEVER cross.

Again, whatever. Maybe one day she’ll grow up and see her fault in this whole situation. I’ll have to continue the rest of the story later.

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