the other woman. the other man.

As I sit at my desk, sipping on my bubbly (not champagne, what the Dr. ordered…Pepper that is.), I got to thinking. I began to think about something that happens more frequently than not and ususally the wrong person is blamed for it.

The other woman.

It’s a sad time when a man (or a woman for that matter) would rather step out on their relationship rather than just ending it. This is a situation that I unfortunately know of…

Truthfully, the person being cheated on shouldn’t get too angry at the person that is on the “side” if that person honestly didn’t know about the permanent person. I can honestly say I have been on both sides. I was the one who was cheated on and was told out of the girls mouth that she knew about me. Now in that instance, I feel like I had every right to be pissed off at both him and her. They both acknowledged the fact that I was indeed in existence. I was in a relationship with this guy and yet they both decided to carry on a relationship.


Now me being on the other end, yeah. That sucked pretty bad. This guy, who shall remain nameless, I trusted pretty deeply. This little dance we did didn’t last long. Don’t worry. Now of course, he SAID he was single, and there were no signs of him being in a relationship with anyone. When questioned, the answer I received was none other than the infamous, “No, I am not in a relationship with anyone right now. I am casually dating.”

Okay, now when I say this to someone it means, “No, I am not committed to one person, I am going on dates with possibly more than one but not necessarily sleeping with any of them. Just dating to figure out who may be a good partner.” Not, “I am in a relationship with someone right now, but I chose not to tell you about it because I’d like to jump in your pants for a while…” Now, I trusted my gut after phone calls wouldn’t be returned and I would only receive text messages. Of course, I did some research.

There was a girlfriend. Of course. Duh. Well, that was cut off shortly thereafter as I refuse to be the “other woman” When questioned, I still received the same. response. as. before.

Give it up dude, make your choice but I won’t be one of the two.

Lesson learned.

That said, in my personal and humble opinion, unless two of the parties (the cheaters we’ll say) know about the one who is being victimized, then there’s no need for the victim to get too angry with the other woman or man..

If you’re unhappy in your relationship, get out of it. Don’t lie to someone else and break not one, but two hearts at once.

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