Relationship Musings.

When in a relationship you are going to have disagreements. When there are no more disagreements, chances are one of the parties has already left the relationship mentally.

Don’t expect to receive the world from your partner if you’re only willing to give grain of sand. To make anything work, both parties must put work into it. If it comes too easy, then it’s not worth it…

A person’s heart is an organ that should never be played with. It’s easily broken and fairly difficult to repair. It is also the one part of us that can become truly in sync with another human being until death does each part.

Say what you mean and more importantly, mean what you say and don’t hesitate a day to say it because no minute is ever promised.

The biggest problem now with “people” is we far too often say what another person “wants” to hear rather than what they really need to hear. It doesn’t have to be said with anger or hatred, it can be told in kindness and love.
If you’re genuinely interested in the person, recognize the efforts put forth by the other if you’re giving mediocre service. It takes two you know. Let them somehow know that their effort has been noticed and that you APPRECIATE it. I promise, at that point, he or she will be ready to give you the world…
“They” oftentimes say not to get too excited about potential relationships in the beginning; not to “over think” the situation. Who exactly are “they” and who died and made them the official relationship counselor? If you go into getting to know a person with a pessimistic outlook, thinking nothing will come out of it, then that’s exactly what you’ll get. Go into it head first with the mental commitment to make it memorable for both parties so then it will eventually turn into everything you hoped and dreamed for.

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