{on the flipside.}

To the guy who thought it was ok to whisper sweet nothings to me for the sole purpose of trying to land me in the sack, I want to thank you. Thank you for opening my eyes to the dishonest and carnal ways of the general male population. Because of you, I probably won’t fall for it again.

Of course this is not in regards to any particular person, so people reading this if you know me personally and you THINK for one second it is about you, then maybe it is. Maybe there is something that you are also doing to women that you should change.

Contrary to belief, I am NOT desperate to be with a man. If I was such, then it wouldn’t matter who I was with as long as I was with someone. I have standards and moral values. Just because I might mention my exceptional qualities that would make me an amazing life partner, doesn’t mean I am lurking for a man. I’m just advertising my heart and intentions a little bit. If you don’t put out some kind of bait, how the hell do you expect to catch any fish in this sea of love?

Right now, I am more or less single by CHOICE. I enjoy having my freedom to go and do as I please without having to answer to some insecure man who constantly needs to know where I am and what I am doing. I don’t believe in cheating so that should erase any of those complications.

Now if the right one comes along and grabs my attention and treats me like a lady should be treated, then so be it. I think you’ll be rather pleased by the way I handle my relationship with a man. Not a boy. A man.

Yes, and to you men who expect your girl to be a “dime”, stop going for those girls. Go for a bonafide woman who will provide in more ways than one. Remember, we all get old and looks fade where love will stay. Most times those “ultra fine, gotta have every inch of her” kind of women are also the ones  who have the most skeletons in her closet and will continue to rattle those skeletons throughout your relationship.

I’m about to go on a whole ‘nother tangent now.

To you bougie females who sit back and smile in my face and once I turn my back, you all can kindly place your overly plumped lips on my very pale hiney and smooch it. Get really familiar with it because I truly do not care what any of you think of me any longer. I started out in a school that clearly had its separations yes, but ended up in a high school that was more of a fashion show than it was an educational institution. I had never in my life seen so many young girls strutting around like their shit smelled like rose water rather than the defecation it really was. Sadly, a good portion of these “girls” are still exactly that. Girls. I personally have never understood the bougieness of females. Touche. I guess that’s partially because I was raised in a family that overall had access to some of the finer things in life. So when I do make it, and make it big, I won’t need to have the big expensive home, the flashy expensive car, the flashy expensive designer clothes and shoes. None of that stuff matters after a certain point.

Believe me when I get there, you all won’t see it flashed around in pictures like a great deal of the people who currently reside on my facebook home page.

Ok, I’m done.

Attitude shall be put in check momentarily. For now, enjoy the ride.

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