It’s not ok to be Brown skinned. In any regard.

Greetings again from the south. The land of  a little bit of tea with your sugar, deep fried anything, big hair, sunny almost tropical weather and the most friendly racist you’ll ever encounter.

Huh? Friendly racist?!

Such an oxymoron, I know. I witnessed this personally this past Saturday night. Now typically, these kinds of things aren’t so overt. Not enough really for even Caucasian people to notice…until Glenwood Avenue downtown Raleigh came alive. I wasn’t present to witness the first portion of this abomination to the human race as I myself was partying it up at a Country Western club. I know, see the irony in it? Anyways, I go downtown to meet up with a friend of mine and when I arrive at the venue (Krave to be exact) there was a lady outside in a dress kind of pacing back and forth with a guy. She was a heavy set African American woman wearing a very form fitted dress. Well, evidently before I arrived she had on some leggings and was told she was wearing workout attire. Well, I am sure she also had on heels to go with those leggings therefore, rendering them null and void of being workout attire. Anyways, the bouncer at the door wouldn’t let her in even though a friend of hers was in this venue celebrating a birthday. Well, I am inclined to believe that at this point the lady was highly frustrated and offered to go home and change with the guarantee that she would be able to gain access to this nightclub upon her return. That didn’t happen. The bouncer STILL would NOT let her in. I was there at that point and saw this part of the whole ordeal. Well, the next thing I know there are three other African American people who try to get in, none of which are dressed inappropriately by typical Caucasian nightclub in the south standards, and of course they are denied access. Now, the general manager of this establishment was standing outside, chatting it up with another patron….

Watching all of this discrimination happen and not so much as parting his lips one way or another. These minorities were not acting the typical part either; they were calm and visibly upset. As they should’ve been.

Fast forward a few minutes and there are two very thin Caucasian females who walk to the door to go in. These two girls were not dressed in outing attire, but rather jeans, flip flops (not even Rainbow sandals) and tank tops. Not dressy tank tops, but the ones that have the curved backing like WORKOUT attire . You know, the ones you can wear that cover a sports bra perfectly. These two girls walk up and have absolutely no problem getting in. A gentleman walks out of this nightclub and is denied access back in. He was also an African American male. I saw this continue to happen until roughly 12:45 am when we left.

By the time we left, there were somewhere around eight people total in the venue called Krave. 510 Glenwood Avenue. If there were even eight people there. I could be counting the waitstaff. Even when I was at a traditionally Country Western club here in Raleigh I didn’t see or experience such racism.I am guilty of in the past looking at certain people and assuming they would be the ones to behave in such a manner. You know, typical Rednecks. However, what I found in my own experience has been that those Rednecks are usually the ones who are very compassionate about the treatment of people. I have had more stereotypical “rednecks” stand up for me than African Americans. Not to say there aren’t racist “Rednecks” because there are, but there are racist African Americans and evidently racist people in positions of clout.

This place won’t survive too much longer practicing patron screening like that. All money is green and I am sure these people would’ve gladly spent theirs in that place had they been treated properly. To the owners of Krave if ever you are afforded the opportunity to read my piece, take note, the ones you are not allowing in very well could be the ones or the one who can buy out your entire place and replace it. Do not ever judge a book by its cover.

The aftershock of Krave. The police were there after 1:50 am. Wonder why…

2 thoughts on “It’s not ok to be Brown skinned. In any regard.

  1. Sad, really sad that this type of thing is still going on. There are really great people in this world, regardless of their color or nationality. Unfortunately, in every culture and color, there are those people who make it hard and put a bad taste in people’s mouth for the rest of us are trying to live a happy a life, free of bullying and racism.

    • Exactly. I have an array of different friends and my family fortunately as you know, is very culturally diverse. I am so thankful for growing up in that manner because I have a very low tolerance for racism on any level from any race…

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