{taboo. the deadbeat mom chronicles}

You’ve heard the story about the man who helped procreate a child or multiples for that matter. Our society condemns this. We condemn the man who so selfishly allows his sperm to fertilize an egg and make a child with a woman or multiple women and leaves the woman to raise them. Leaves the woman to raise these children alone.


On that note, I am channeling my inner Tupac Shakur.


That said, why don’t we as a society ever recognize the fact that there are indeed some women who carry these babies for nine months, birth them and then walk away and leave. Yes, I said walk away and leave. These “women” walk out of these children’s lives, abandon them for a man. Or sometimes a woman. Nine times out of ten this is just to be with someone else for the sole purpose of sex. Instant gratification at its finest. Sad right?


So many times our focus is so driven on belittling these men who may have once upon a time been there for the woman and her child but fell on hard times. We glorify the men who step in to take care of children that are not biologically theirs because there is a deadbeat Dad who stepped out of the picture. But again I say, why don’t we speak on these pathetic deadbeat moms?


Ok ladies, just because you have custody of your child or children, doesn’t mean you’re a good mom. Hell, I know of some personally who have full custody of their children and are always pawning them off on other people. I categorize them as deadbeat moms. If you can’t handle the full ride of motherhood then save the world of another emotional tragedy and don’t have any children. You my friend, are a deadbeat in my book.


How many child support posters do we see on a daily basis with the smiling face of a well to do woman who owes back child support on her children. I know you’re sitting there thinking and laughing out loud. I am too. Right there with you. I cannot think of any.


Interesting enough, I see this all the time. I see these cases where mom thinks just because she physically carried the children in their bodies for nine months, she’s worlds greatest mom. News flash: you yourself still need to take care of your responsibility.


I am a woman. I am a mother. I am a SINGLE mother. So yes, I have the credentials to speak on this subject. I take care of my daughter with a little bit of help from her father. That’s another writing I’ll have to touch on later. Although I am on this side of the perspective, I am also very well aware of what happens to some of these men. There are men out there who will step up and care for their biological children when the “mom” (I’ll use that term very loosely to describe these broads in this context) decides it’s no longer cool to be a mom.


Recognize those men while still pressuring the ones who are not there to do their job. Oh and yes, don’t forget there are still deadbeat moms out there.



2 thoughts on “{taboo. the deadbeat mom chronicles}

  1. Worst of all, deadbeat moms suffer from domestic violence, social stigmas and taboos because women are expected to financially support and nurture their children. If they are deadbeat moms, they get abused.

    • Hello there! I half agree there…in my line of work, I see a great deal of cases where mom has just left the children to go do her own thing. I know some of those personally and they are more or less concerned with their own well being rather than tge child. 😦

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