we are our own worst enemy. Ladies.

I am speaking to you. Yes you….ladies. A conversation ensued yesterday of much caliber regarding sexuality and the way men and women view it. It was agreed that men overall seem to feel that they are naturally programmed to chase women. Naturally programmed to be hoes I guess? Maybe.

But what about the sexually exploratory woman out here. The single, beautiful woman who doesn’t care what others think about her and what she does? The woman who elects not to be in a serious relationship because she’s just not interested in all of the strings attached? The woman who just like many men can have casual sex with someone (safely of course) then keep it moving? Let me guess, she’s a ho. To an extent, this is a “taboo” that is unaccepted in a society riddled with double standards. 

My views on this are very simple. Ladies, we are our worst enemy. Now ladies and gentlemen hear me out and listen to my explanation before you pass judgment. Please. Men expect women to keep a certain flair to them. To act like a lady and think like a lady really. This act like a lady think like a man nonsensical stuff is really new in the broad scheme of things. Men don’t usually buy used cars that have over 100,000 miles on it, so I am going to assume the feel the same way about high mileage vagina. Well guys, newsflash, most of those slightly virginal ladies that you’re dealing with are not usually as virginal as they portray themselves to be. We as a whole are masterminds in disguising our sexual escapades. We keep on the hush what we don’t want to ruin our reputation for those ladies who care. Not only this, what makes you guys think we want a man who’s stick shift has turned over the six figure mileage either? We can tell. Oh we can tell my brothas. (That’s a whole different blog I’ll write in the next chapter of craziness)

Women hide what they’ve done from one another out of fear of what their friends will say. We are heavily influenced by our girlfriends unfortunately and usually those are the ones who know everything and will turn on you on the drop of a dime. Hence the reason why men even find out about half of the escapades we do…

When we as women learn to embrace sex in a casual manner if that’s what you like and not give a damn about what a man says, then I promise the double standards should start to fade some. When we stop perpetuating the stereotype that a woman who just happens to enjoy casual CONSENSUAL sex is NOT a ho, then maybe women will have a better understanding of themselves and have a similar self pride that men carry.

So if that lady you were sleeping with over and over and over was just a ho, what exactly do you think that makes you sir?  

{Stay tuned for the next chapter…}

3 thoughts on “we are our own worst enemy. Ladies.

  1. As a married woman I must admit that sex with love is the best option for me. Me and my hubby can make love or appreciate a quicky when necessary. When I was single sex was more about trying to please your partner. When I’m intimate with my husband we want to please eachother. The double standards have really got to stop, everyone knows we have all made questionable decisions in regards to sex, then you grow up and realize this shit is serious. One mistake could literaly cost your life. Lets hold sex sacred again both man and woman. Sex was made for man and woman to consumate have children. Ladies and Gents whatever you do and whoever you do it with please be responsible and God Bless.

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