One of my best friends is a boy.

Not too many women can say what I am going to say, but that’s what makes me so special. One of my absolute best friends EVER is a guy. A wonderful guy at that. He’s heard my rants, my happiness, my tears, my sadness and has ALWAYS been there no matter what.

He’s told every girl he’s dated that his best friend is a girl….either they like it or hate it. I can’t say there are too many guys who can actually have a female for a best friend and there be nothing sexual at all about it. He is definitely one of those. His current girlfriend is quite the spectacular lady. She sticks by her man no matter what and loves him. She loves him unconditionally…

He knows exactly who he is. I don’t even have to name names…he’s my best guy friend. Ever. Love him and always will and I know he’s going to take really good care of his lady. They’re both quite the lucky pair…

Just wanted to shout out to my best guy friend and let him know how incredibly awesome he is.

Oh, and by the way…your girlfriend really adores you! KEEP HER!!! LOL!

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