Not so serious observation…

Why is it that catch phrases that are usually associated with something less than desireable is linked with the word “black”? Black balled, Black mail, Black clothes at a funeral…

Just an observation. You can LOL now.

2 thoughts on “Blk.

  1. Black balled, from gentlemen club voting where white balls said yes and black balls said no. Could be racial, I have no idea.

    Black mail from reditus nigri, meaning black tribute. It was the opposite of white tribute, i.e. silver. Farmers were made to pay protection money in black tribute, work or food or copper, as they tended to lack silver. The word started carrying a bad reputation.

    People wear black clothes because they represent dignity and seriousness. Probably not racial. Not bad either.

    Plus, white can be bad too. We whitewash crimes, we have whiteheads, vigilantes are whitecaps.

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