Politics: I hate you.

An amazing way to divide a country already divided is to add politics to the soup. I personally vote as a Democrat because that’s how I was raised. Now, don’t get me wrong…my grandmother is a lover of both Bush presidents. Me, I don’t really care either way.

However what I will say is that it is the most irritating thing to try to have a civilised conversation with an ultra conservative Republican. These are the most judgmental and I hate to say, gullible people. Or at least most that I know are like this…

But again this is my personal opinion. Case in point, the picture that has circulated the Internet since dinosaurs walked the planet of Barack Obama and others standing in front of a flag and three out of the four have their hands on their heart presumably while the national anthem is being sung and one of them is not even facing in the same direction. Barack Obama happens to be the one without his hand over his heart. Woop de doo. Last I checked, you don’t HAVE to put your hand over your heart for the singing of the Star Spangled Banner in any capacity. What I have always been taught is that you are supposed to do this during the Pledge of Allegiance.

Again, I could be wrong.

I like to know the facts of both contenders before making any sound decision. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, I have just simply noticed Republicans are very quick to make uninformed finger pointing comments without fully researching. Not all Republicans, not all conservatives. There are some very uninformed Democrats out here too…I won’t even touch on those fools today. This blog is not about them. People have got to stop allowing the media and what it pushes into the spotlight dictate everything they do.

I will not apologize for my views or for what I have said as those are my opinions. If you don’t like it then oh well.


2 thoughts on “Politics: I hate you.

  1. In general, if you count yourself as a member of either party you probably have ideological blinkers on.


    Obama had the same belief. According to custom he was wrong about this custom and you are supposed to have your hand over your heart during the anthem. It was a minor and understandable breach of etiquette. Some republicans believed it was a sign that Obama is unpatriotic, but they were probably wrong given other evidence of him pressing his hand to his heart.

    Since you pointed fingers at republicans without fully researching your point how are you different from them pointing fingers at Obama?

  2. Hello;

    Well, I didn’t exactly point fingers at *all* Republicans as I stated not all, but most that I have personally run into are this way. Plus, after doing as much research as I could being that I was at work, I found that at one point it was something that was kind of mandated. However, now as long as you’re facing the flag or have your hand over your heart during the singing of the national anthem, from my gatherings, it’s ok.

    I personally don’t really like EITHER party if you ask me…lol! They all do a bit too much finger pointing. Thank you for the link too by the way!

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