{your expectations. my underachievements.}

Society tells us, drills in our feeble little minds not to worry about what others think of us…how is that possible when we live in such a narcissistic society that cares only about what a person has and whether or not they’re aesthetically appealing? I like most of you do care about what kind of an aura I bring to the forefront but where is the line drawn? I say I don’t care what others think of me but if that was the case, then I wouldn’t have to buy the nicest of perfumes to smell beautiful. I wouldn’t keep my hair maintained to the likes of what’s in or what isn’t.

Yes, some of you will say it’s to make yourself feel better. But truthfully, how is one to feel better about themselves if there is no one being truthfully complimentary to them. It’s different receiving such comments via online. Those people don’t really know you…they know what YOU’VE presented online. They know the person that you may or may not have created in the virtual life. In reality, I am slightly shy and reserved. In reality I am not quite as bold to say some of the things I may say on this blog…

But don’t judge me.

I ask you not to judge me or anyone else on their imperfections. Their physical and emotional imperfections. I am human and have feelings just like anyone else…

I am broken but fixable. I am scarred but not capable of NOT being healed.

People are always saying, I’ll help you. I’ll be there..I’ll do this. A lot of lip service. But when it really comes down to it, they’re not there. They’re there because they may feel like it’s an obligation.

Do not be there for me because you feel like it’s an obligation to fulfill. Because I am not. As of yet, I am not anyone’s priority and I am becoming to be okay with that. My daughter says that you can always tell that a boy likes you because he says mean things to you…that is such a false statement that we have said to our children and it needs to cease and desist now. If that’s the case, some of the messages I’ve received as of late from a “man” who supposedly was interested can be interpreted as mean…in my eyes. But I know he sure as hell isn’t into me the way I am in to him. The sad part about that is I know it….but that’s going to be my next blog….


Stay tuned….

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