…the point is. well, what is the point?

Well, I have been told by various sources that in one way or another my blog has been relative to their life in some form or fashion. I want to say thank you to those of you who continue to read my madness.

Because I promise, there is a method and reasoning to my madness. We collectively just haven’t figured that out yet. I spoke on my facebook page earlier today about supporting local artists from the Carolinas. The state itself really has a wealth of knowledge and talented people that have yet to be tapped by mainstream society. In order for us as writers and artists to make it, we have to believe in it.

Oh, and don’t do it just to be famous people. Do it because you love it. We should all learn to do what we love…I think the world would be a much more forgiving place.


As I embark on this chapter of my life, letting you all into the mixed up eccentric mind of well, me, I hope you continue to enjoy it. I will remain unfiltered and honest. What then would be the point of it being a diary of an angry mixed lady if I do not have angry overtones? Ok, so I am not really angry…:-) But I am very ethnically mixed up…

I was speaking briefly to an unknown cousin this morning about growing up racially ambigous. Unless you are of mixed race, or maybe not but you look a certain way, then this is a foreign topic for you. If this is the case, let me enlighten you to the plight of the light skinned breeds. We are constantly questioned “what are you?” “are you Spanish?” “You all look alike…” That stuff kinda gets under the skin, but it’s cool. We’re used to it by now. Hey, did you guys know we do tan…intentionally? My personal opinion is that we are some of the most beautiful people created…although 99.999  of the world IS racially mixed, it’s just more obvious in some than others. I love who I am and will not change it for any of you. BUT, if anyone volunteers some liposuction for me, then sure, I’ll take it. (Who wouldn’t want to look like Halle Berry circa 1992 Boomerang) I love life…I am a lover of life.

I really am. not. bitter.

Oh, all of that was the bait to get you all to read what I am about to talk about. I said all of that to lure you in. Did it work? You might want to find your gator skin for this. Or maybe not.

I have always wondered why people really say the things they say to another…especially if it’s clear and obvious the other person needs someone to confide in…or whatever. Is this what friends are SUPPOSED to be? I do not think you are being truthful to your “friend” or being truthful to oneself if you cannot take constructive criticism or dish it out when it’s requested. Trust me, no one really wants to be evaluated honestly through someone elses eyes…My point in saying that is if you don’t really want to assist in the betterment of someone elses demeanor, then don’t dammit offer it. If I consider you to be a close friend, you should take it as an honor…when I love I love hard and love my friends with all that I’ve got..

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