Oh boy. Here I go…

I just couldn’t resist this topic ….I was reminded of “niggadom” by Katt Williams and his fantastic perm the other day. Oh Katt.

Firstly, this word right heeere nigga?! This word right Heeeeeere nigga? Seriously though? Can we please as a people put a cease and desist on this word. I am so tired of hearing it from all colors of the rainbow that it’s sickening. Not only does it really make you look very ignorant but it’s a slap in the face to any race who has had to FIGHT to overcome racial segregation and or injustices over the course of humanity.

The word used in any context whether it is used as a racial epithet (nigger) or as a term of endearment (nigga), no matter how you coat it, it’s the same word with the same meaning. Why in the world has this word even become embraced by the African American community as a term of endearment? Yet when your Caucasian homeboy or homegirl says it in the same fashion as you with ZERO racial overtones, it’s wrong. Wrong is wrong my people and you’re taking many steps back in civil rights progress by perpetuating the use of this “word”. The word “nigger” “nigga” however you choose to spell it by dictionary terms is not a word to describe a race of people. However, looking back in our history, this has been a word that is very closely associated with the likes of slavery and overt racism in America. We can’t call Jewish people “kikes” Asians “chinks” Irish people “gingers” and so forth without the world turning over in it’s grave…so WHY is this word acceptable amongst a portion of my people? If African Americans can utter this word without any consequences then by golly, I am all for everyone using with no repercussions.

You can agree or disagree with me and my position. I always agree to disagree…but I stand firm on this subject.

Oh, and before anyone decides to call me a racist, I am by far a lovely mix of Scotch Irish, African American Native American and God knows what else…

2 thoughts on “{niggadom}

  1. Well girl I am so glad u adressed this issue so i can put in my two sense. Speaking as another crazy mixed woman (african america, white, and native american and Lord knows what else.) I agree that the word should not be used. I used to use the word freely but, when I fell in love with a white man had twinboys by him and married him my feelings of the word changed. My husband obviously was not taught to be a racist. He was raised up around mostly black people and had alot of black friends. Unlike many white people who think because they have black friends that they should also be allowed to say the “N” word, my husband NEVER has or will use the “N” word. So we had come to the understanding when we first began dating that, that word should and would not be used by us or anyone who comes to our house. We have 2 mixed little boys who will not be raised using this word to describe or classify anyone. Out of respect to our ancestors, as for me and my house, we will not say this word. I can’t tell others what to do but my children will know that they are smart enough to express them self without having to use derogatory words. Shout out to Shaina for bring this topic to the table. Love u chica…

    • Darling! I completely agree…this is a word that has driven me crazy for the longest. My ex and I used to have very heated discussions about his usage of that word and my objections to it being used. It is derrogatory and has no place in any civilized society that has made any kind of progress…I am glad you can relate!

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