Oh how I have neglected thee blog. And so much I need to write about…just nonsensical things. Years and years and years have gone by and I sit and really keep my mouth shut about many different things. I am truthfully trying to change that.

I was told by a very good friend of mine yesterday that I am still bitter from my last relationship and it shows. Although I try to hide it, it’s written all over my face according to her and that men can pick up on it. Men can pick up on my instability apparently and of course prey on the weak and feeble minded. That conversation really hit home with me as it described me to the point exactly. I can admit that I have fallen short many times in the past two years but I am still a work in progress; learning to pick myself up from the broken pieces of life and put it back together one by one. It’s a very difficult road but not impossible.

So of course I spoke with a guy friend of mine who can be brutally honest at times without holding ANYTHING back. Sometimes we need a little of that in life…I know I do. In essence, he basically confirmed all that my girlfriend stated about me, again in less than 10 minutes…

I take full responsibility for the outcome of each and every situation I’ve put myself in…I should know better. Right? You only get out of any relationship what you put in I’ve always been told. Of course, I am not just speaking on romantic relationships, I am speaking about friends in general. You train people to treat you the way YOU want to be treated. Most of the human race isn’t a faithful believer in the proverb do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I kind of half live by it…I treat people how I would like to be treated but have sold myself very short lately in having that same treatment returned.

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