{I thought he was sexy…}

You are my vice. Or better yet, those like you are my vice. The one thing that gets me every single time. I am a sucker for a nice smile, goals, aspirations, a nice body and smooth talk. You get me in trouble every single time I am graced by your presence. Do I blame you? Um. No. But you are not helping my situation….

So can you blame me for wanting to see what his bedroom talents might be? Of course not! I thought he was sexy! Oh, and I never said who HE was. 99.9% of you WILL NOT know how I am talking about. He will though. ūüôā Yes, you….

Now before you judge me for that, make sure you’ve got plexi¬†glass for your house because “thou shalt not cast stones if ye lives in a glass home…” (yes, I partially made that up…) Now, I don’t kiss and tell, believe that but I just couldn’t resist speaking on this one. It just really sucks that even as a heavily sexualized nation, we still can’t freely talk about sex without¬†it being considered taboo. Touche.

6 thoughts on “{I thought he was sexy…}

  1. You forgot to add “smells good” to attributes you look for in a man. I know from personal experience on that one lol.

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